Our mushroom house is up and running!

From construction of the tunnel out of tin, bamboo, and roofing grass to carrying and cutting rice straw to assemble the bags, to finally inoculating the spores and seeing the results, this first step in our ever-growing co-operative farm was inspirational.

Filled with straw bags for oyster mushrooms, our hand-made house began to produce these mushrooms in only three weeks.  Our first mushroom pick yielded over 10 kgs, and from then for the following 3 months, every 2 days we picked the biggest mushrooms and sold them in and around our village.


We can firmly say it was a success all around and we plan to expand with other mushrooms!  Next we’ll start the shiitake!

Due to mushrooms being highly perishable during transportation we only sell the powdered form in the cities.  You can see our organic oyster mushroom powder sold with the rest of our products at the farmer’s markets.  Come have a taste of the fresh ones here in the village!

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