Everyone loves coffee picking season in Patiswara!

We buy the berries from families in the village, and dry them whole (dry-process) so all the flavor of the berry goes into the bean before roasting. We de-shell and roast by hand, takes a lot of time, but oh so worth it!

Coffee is one of the most labor-intensive products that come of the third word.  Because processing machinery is not affordable to villages that produce the coffee, after pulping the cherries middlemen take advantage of the villagers by buying the wet processed, unhulled beans for a low price.  The coffee is normally then sold to the coffee entrepreneurs who process and roast them to make a huge profit over the farmers’ loss, the farmers who actually already did most of the work (and yes, this happens in the majority of “fair trade” coffee as well).  Our co-operative fights against this injustice by collecting coffee from individual farmers and offering higher prices than the fair trade NGOs and middlemen offer.  We can afford to do this because we ourselves do all the processing and roasting to obtain the final product of the dry-processed, fragrant gourmet coffee.


Come learn more about coffee and what else we are making with the coffee beans!

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