Volunteer on Permaculture Farm in Nepal

We are a permaculture farm, organic and focusing on the Fukuoka method and perennial agriculture. We are a cooperative of six families who are mostly self sufficient subsistence farmers and produce essential oils and soaps as a side business.
We live in a village of roughly 74 households in southern Gorkha district, central Nepal. We are looking for volunteers to help us with a number of tasks.

We value experiential learning. Whether you want to learn more about a self-sufficient, farming lifestyle, want to try something new, or simply traveling through the area, we love meeting new people and would be happy to set you up for a stay with us.


You can contact us directly through the information on our Contact Us page or take a look at our profiles on Workaway or WWOOF Nepal!

“Homestay: organic, subsistence farming & mountain village lifestyle in rural Gorkha, Nepal”

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